Loki: What Is a Nexus Being?


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In case you need more evidence that the Marvel Universe is invading the Multiverse, the Disney + miniseries Loki is literally centered on the Time Variance Authority, the keepers of the timelines in all universes. One of the core concepts is a “Nexus”, which was first introduced in WandaVision. Now we’re finally getting a better explanation of what a nexus is and why we should definitely care about it.

How Loki states that a nexus event is defined by the TVA as a moment in the “sacred timeline” – also known as the main timeline that is supposed to happen in each universe – in which an alternate branch is created that violates what ” supposedly “should happen. The instigators of these events are called variants, and apparently Loki himself is one such variant. This version of Loki is the one we meet in Avengers: Endgame during the time heist where, instead of being captured by the Avengers and sent back to Asgard, he takes the Tesseract away in a moment of chaos and wormholes. That moment is a nexus event in that it creates a new branch of the timeline that expires differently than the original.

Nexus Events are one thing, but what about Nexus Beings? These are not addressed directly in Loki (at least not yet), but they’ve been on our radar ever since WandaVision. One of the most iconic “commercials” on the show features a pharmaceutical advertisement for a drug called Nexus. At the time, it seemed like an indication of how the Westview world “turned” around Wanda, but it’s also an indication of something from the comics. There Wanda is a nexus being, a being (of which there should be one per reality) with special connections to the multiverse that has enough power to influence probabilities and the future.

On-screen we haven’t heard much about Nexus Beings, but it seems pretty likely that we will eventually. Given that we appear to be heading for a conflict with the Multiverse, the idea of ​​a nexus will likely take center stage and we are definitely curious to find out more!


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Robert Dunfee