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Manchin: I will not vote for Democrats' $3.5 trillion bill


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) he will not support the $3.5 trillion price tag for the economic bill that would expand the nation’s social safety net and that “there’s no way” Congress can meet the timeline set by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to pass it.
“(Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer) will not have my vote on $3.5 (trillion) and Chuck knows that, and we’ve talked about this,” the West Virginia senator told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union.”
“We’ve already put out $5.4 trillion and we’ve tried to help Americans in every way we possibly can and a lot of the help that we’ve put out there is still there and it’s going to run clear until next year, 2022, so what’s the urgency? What’s the urgency that we have? It’s not the same urgency that we had with the American Rescue Plan. We got that out the door quickly. That was about $2 trillion.”
The spending bill proposed by President Joe Biden and his allies in Congress spreads the spending out over 10 years as opposed to the Covid stimulus plans that Manchin referred to, which were more immediate injections of cash.

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Robert Dunfee