Watch: Kamala Gives Snarky Response To Border Question: “And I Haven’t Been To Europe”


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OPINION | This article contains political comments that reflect the author’s opinion.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who had very little interest in communicating with the American people other than donkey-like cackling, finally gave Lester Holt an interview.

. @ LesterHoltNBC pushes Harris to the border and explains why she didn’t visit.

Harris: “We were the limit.”

Holt: “YOU haven’t been to the border yet.”

Harris: “… ..and I haven’t been to Europe yet. I do not understand what you mean.”


– Alex Thompson (@AlexThomp) June 8, 2021

To be honest, I’m shocked at this point that Holt actually put them under pressure on a few points. Usually the mainstream media simply turns these “interviews” into a more positive PR promotional video. But in his credit, Lester asked a few legitimate questions that resulted in one of the most meme-worthy one-liners we’ve seen lately.

Lester inquired about the border crisis as Harris was responsible for the disastrous border situation. Of course, it does not want to approach the border crisis lest it be sullied with the stench of such a complete and utter political and social catastrophe. To no surprise, Kamala Harris has still not visited the border. When called to do so, Kamala predictably behaved like an irritable 9-year-old who was snappy with her mother.

You see, I have a 9 year old boy who stepped into the counter-speech stage with sarcasm and snoring, and that is exactly what he would say. So apparently we have an irritable and snappy 9-year-old in the vice presidency. Fabulous.

Listen to this exchange.

GOP cut that section and blew it out. pic.twitter.com/KQfFZ5VJH0

– Alex Thompson (@AlexThomp) June 8, 2021

First of all, I’m ridiculously annoyed by her tiny answer when she repeats: “We’re going to the border. We were at the limit. We were at the limit. We were at the limit. ”As if we were all idiots having to repeat it to us four times with clenched fingers for emphasis. She is so incredibly condescending.

Props to Lester for rolling around with her condescending snark and firing back with “You haven’t been to the limit yet”. Many Thanks! Thanks for finally pushing.

And her hilarious answer is, “And I haven’t been to Europe yet. I do not understand what you mean.”

Oh really? You don’t understand what he means? Really? Is she that stupid? Or is she just playing dumb and being super dismissive to that legitimate question, hoping people will believe it doesn’t matter? Does she really think that not having visited Europe is tantamount to not having visited the southern border, where there is a massive and devastating crisis that it is said to be overseeing? Or does she really think we’re so stupid that we laugh about it with her?

Second, I could actually agree with her if she had approached it differently. Let me finish

Imagine if she had said:

“Lester, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to bring this up as I have received a lot of backlash on this point. I don’t have to visit the border in person as I have competent and qualified representatives who are on site for me and keep me very well informed. I’m way too busy here and it’s incredibly costly for taxpayers to go to the border just for a photo op that proves I’ve made an unnecessary visit. I don’t think this is the best way to deal with this very difficult situation, but I assure you that I will do everything in my power to correct the situation and secure our southern border. ‘

If she had said that, I might have applauded because I agree. But here’s the thing. This would require that she have knowledgeable and qualified representatives (I’m skeptical) to keep her updated (I’m skeptical) that she is actually way too busy in DC (I’m skeptical) and that she would do anything do to rectify the situation (we all know this is not true). I’m actually not a fan of presidential (or vice-presidential) visits to see devastated places, be it weather storms, political storms, or crime storms. There is nothing that I believe will be achieved through leadership that is better than leadership actually doing something to help. It also saves taxpayers money. I would prefer them just do their job instead of worrying about a photo op to prove they are attended. But that means they have to actually do things to address the issues, not just ignore them. And Kamala doesn’t have very little to prove to the American people that they care or take it seriously. She won’t even seriously answer that question, let alone seriously address the problem.

Instead of giving an intelligent and well-worded answer as to why the person responsible for the border crisis never cares about the border crisis, they gave an irritable and snappy 9-year-old answer that doesn’t make any logical sense.

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So pretty standard for them.



Robert Dunfee