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What Are those Tiny Red Bugs? All About Clover Mites


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You can recognize them by their size (smaller than the head of a pin) and their color (light red). You can see them crawling over the back of your hand or onto the kitchen counter every now and then. But what exactly are these little guys?

Welp, it’s clover mites. Learn more about these little mistakes below.

Are Clover Mites Harmful?

Clover mites are pretty harmless. They eat grass and clover (hence the harmless name), so they hang out on particularly lush lawns.

Why are there clover mites in my house?

Clover mites can be a nuisance when they enter the house in large numbers – which is sometimes the case in the spring. You can often find them near open window sills or the cracks that rudely got them in. But they don’t last long.

Should I crush clover mites?

They won’t bother you so just leave them alone. You don’t bite, eat clothes, or teach your children swear words when you’re not looking.

When you crush them, you’ll leave a little red skid mark – something to keep in mind if you’re wearing anything white or if your curtains are a light color. Don’t worry though. It’s not the blood they sucked while you slept. It’s just smeared insect body pigment that can be easily cleaned off with a paper towel or sponge.

A less messy approach can be to use dish soap and water to remove them.

How can I prevent clover mites from the outset?

You can scare away clover mites just like other bugs and household pests: by waterproofing your home as much as possible. This is a little difficult given their small size; Clover mites can sneak through the smallest holes and cracks. Nevertheless, the following must be done:

Additional reporting by Carolin Lehmann

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